Friday, 24 July 2015


Karen here

Plans for today were cancelled at the last minute so now I am just puttering away. I am going to visit Jo at her cottage next week so I am starting to put together what I am going to take along. Not food, not clothing but a gathering of art projects and supplies for whatever the inspiration.
I have supplies for encaustics that haven't even been opened for a year so I think that this will be a good time to take them and use them.
I think I will take my oil paints too.
and of course my knitting bag will be in the car.
Oh and maybe Jo can help me with my photo editing project. I do need to send her the photo that I want to alter for a screen printing project.
and my daily block will have to be there I think I will need to cut a few more squares before I go
So maybe I should get to work on doing some of that instead of sitting here on blogger!!