Tuesday, 29 September 2015

IN SPIRIT a show at Burlington art gallery

Karen here!

We went on a little road trip last week to the Art Gallery of Burlington. the featured show was called IN SPIRIT. It was a show by three artists-John Latour, Timothy Laurin and Heather Murray.

It was curated be Virginia Eichorn and Denis Longchamps.

All three artists explored the idea of spirits and ghost through old photos and artifacts of an historical nature.

Heather Murray takes found photos and objects and assembles them onto canvases. Several canvases draw the looker into the story. There is a recurring theme of love and loss.

Timothy Lauren takes family photographs and alters them in a way that makes you question whether the perceived memory is as reliable as you may have thought.  For example he has taken a family beach day and altered the same image in three different ways-one a day scene: one a night around the fire scene and  another where the colours suggest a sweltering day.
The photos suggest that pictures don't always tell the whole story.

John Latour's work explores the possibility of communicating with the spirit world. His work is largely interactive with the audience. A sweetheart spirit board, assembled into an ironing board requires two people  to operate.

 A desk where he asks the audience to draw a self portrait and then a portrait of the next person who is going to sit at the desk tests the ability of everyone to foresee the future. A large cubicle  invites a person to  enter to commune with a spirit.

The show runs at the Art Gallery of Burlington, Ontario until the November 15, 2015. It's a great show. Highly recommended. I am going to return for another look!! It's a good idea to purchase the catalogue as there are some very interesting notes from the artists.