Saturday, 20 August 2016

Working hard!

Well,  I have put myself on a very strict schedule!  Last month I decided that I had way too many  art quilts and art work hanging around and felt guilty every time I either bought more fabric or started a new piece rather than finish an ongoing piece.  So.....I decided to have an art show and sale at my studio.  I sent out the word and gathered my pieces.  Well.....guess what?  I did not have as many pieces as I thought!  This sent me into panic mode and I began working like crazy.
I started by finishing up my UFO's and then worked on new encaustic paintings and textile art pieces that were small but very intense.
I ended up with 42 works of encaustic paintings and textile pieces.  I also had around twenty art quilts and traditional quilts.
My son who is a carpenter made me 15 beautiful pedestals that were place around the garden which held small pieces of framed paintings and textile art.  The studio was cleared a bit and the art quilts were hung around the room.
Well the day came and it was HOT and RAINING.  The encaustic pieces could not hang in the garden because of the heat and the textile pieces would get wet.
It was decided to move the entire show inside.
The response was terrific!  The day was exciting and a success!
I had friends from the United States plus a friend from Toronto who stayed the weekend. (This friend .....Suzanne...and I even managed to squeeze in some rust dyeing during the weekend)
In the end I sold 22 pieces and even got bookings for private classes!
Now I am busy again creating things to replenish my stash!
Isn't art fun!