Friday, 13 May 2016

creativity or fixing a mistake or poor planning

Wow!! you know that feeling you get when you start knitting a new sweater and you think, yes its going to be good. Just a nice little cardigan that you can wear everyday with your jeans. You go through your stash and pick out a few colours that you like--they are ok and I am using only my stash--.
And even when you have to do a little( about thirty rows!!) unknitting when you start the sleeve and realize that it's way too big so you recalculate and keep going. You know the feeling.

So now you have two sleeves and the back done--and that's when you KNOW that there is not enough yarn to make the two front sections. You kind of knew yesterday but you wanted to sleep on it before you went frantically through your stash to see if there wasn't just one more ball of the blue --one that you missed when you started the project.  So after a good sleep and breakfast, you go have a look, ever optimistic that perhaps the yarn fairies have been spinning away all night and its going to be right there on the top of your stash. you know the feeling, I am sure.

And your husband asks what are you going to do today--and you say--oh I want to work on my sweater and get the fronts done. And he says OK. I am going to go out for a while. you know that feeling. you think ok he won't be bothering me today, I have all day to knit away!!

And now you think--well what should I do. You could just throw it all into a bag and put it in the closet--and walk away.You could think about it again for a little while. You could go to the yarn store and get another ball. Or you could just finish it up with a new creative front panel--maybe you can think of something really creative--that will look like that's what you had in mind anyway. You could rip out one sleeve and make a wide stripe with a new yarn- and then use that yarn to make the front so that it looks like that's what you had in mind from the beginning. HMMMM

You wonder if that's why you did the back and sleeves first--maybe you had this in mind all along. So now you are thinking What to do!! What to do You know the feeling!!!
So now your only option is to figure it out and JUST DO IT!!
Have a good day. thanks for stopping by!!

Wednesday, 4 May 2016

winter trees

I took this photo a few weeks ago. I was a passenger in a car going about 30 kmh(which is often the case only most of the time the car is going faster). It was just after we had had a surprise- winter- is not -over- yet snowfall and I wanted to have one last try at capturing ice on the trees at Niagara Falls.

Today, I made a little framed fabric art of my picture.
I printed the picture on fabric transfer paper and ironed that onto the back of my backing fabric. Then I stitched the outlines through the backing, a piece of batting and my chosen fabric which was a grey cotton. Because I was stitching from the back, the bobbin thread was the top. Capishe??I hope you can understand.
Then I printed the pic again onto a white sheer organza that I had basted to a piece of printer paper.
I stapled the quilt sandwich to a small frame, and then loosely stapled the sheer over it but a little off.
I am going to explore this technique a little bit more and will take some pics as I go.
we weren't the only ones checking out the snow!!