Thursday, 7 May 2015

Bloom Where you Are Planted

Hi everyone, It's Karen
Another question that Jo asked is How do you describe your work?"
I like to make quilts (yes I still call them quilts-when I say fibre art, people don't know what I am talking about) that tell stories. Stories usually generated by my life. I usually start with an idea--when I can narrow myself down to one idea -and go from there. If the idea is good the quilt almost makes itself. I hide out in my studio and don't come up for air until it's almost finished. Most of my quilts are humorous-just little vignettes of life in my house. A few of them have become more about bigger pictures but most of them are about everyday events here at the little honeymoon cabin in the suburbs.

This is a self portrait that I called Bloom where You are Planted. It was accepted in the Fibre Content show at the Burlington art Gallery in 2014.
I have always been one who thinks that the grass is greener elsewhere. I am trying to get over that! The quilt  was painted and stitched and beaded. I made it during my red hair days. I also went through a period where I only wore red shoes. My shoes have been planted and have started to sprout. and I am fat!
So now you know more about me than I would have told you in person. I let the fabric speak for me!!

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