Wednesday, 26 August 2015

The unveiling- Eco dye Day

The Unveiling Eco Dye Day

So I have soaked my fabrics, wrapped them with leaves and wild flowers and boiled them.
Today I will open them up and have a look.
This is cotton. I am not sure if I like it-maybe a little bland. I think maybe the wrapping could have been tighter. There is quite a lot of blank space. There are two small spots that look good-I think its the geranium leaves. Quite a nice purple.

This is the second piece of cotton. I am very happy with it. It has been coloured a bit more.

The velvet is good. I like the way it turned out. it has taken the marks of the leaves as well as the colour. I will let them dry a little bit. They were still damp. My photographer, Tenpin, asked what that smell was! I will wash them this afternoon and take them to our meeting tomorrow for show and tell. Then have to decide what to do with them.

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