Wednesday, 23 December 2015

Calendar Quilts

Calendar Quilts
For the last two years I have sewn one block a day and made a calendar quilt. In 2014 I used white background blocks and reverse appliqued a circle of fabric. I used special colours to signify certain special days.
My 2015 calendar quilt is almost finished-at least the blocks are almost done. In January I will try to get it quilted. this years quilt is black background with half square triangles sewn to two sides. So far this is looking pretty good. I do like a black background.

Now...what am I going to do for next year??? I have come up with several ideas but not really a concrete plan-yet.

I  think that I would like to change the shape a little bit. For the last two years I have used 3 1/2 inch blocks and assembled them by the month. This makes for a very long and narrow quilt. The size and shape might disqualify it for submissions to shows. I want this year's project to be a little bit more square in shape. But I want it to be as simple in execution as the previous years. I could just change the shape of the blocks. By using a rectangle rather than a square I could change the finished shape of the quilt. I don't really have to follow the monthly assembly either. I could just make it about 20 blocks long and that would make for a more quilt like finished size.

Well I have a few days left to ponder!! What to do...what to do???


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