Tuesday, 2 February 2016

Sharing with others and playing nice in the sandbox...

We have been having a back and forth between the Fabrigos about the work of Vivian Maier  and her photography. I had never heard of her before but was inspired by her story.

She took pictures that she never shared with anyone. Great art photography. She made art just for herself.

I have also been wondering why people can not just play nice in the sandbox... which means to me just be thoughtful towards others. Don't throw sand!

Of course it is not always easy to do we can be petty human beings sometimes but on the average I try to strive to be nice.

I wrote an email in response to Karen's enthusiastic challenge to take pictures like Vivian. To look at the world through the lens of our cameras and include ourselves in these shots. Vivian included herself in many of these shots. Perhaps the original selfies that we see everyone doing today and plastering on social media. But somehow not the same. Her selfies to me were not intrusions into the world but inclusions. She placed her self in the context of the object of the photo.

This was basically the email below and Karen asked me to post it. I did edit it a bit and added a few more sentences.

"I had a friends daughter over yesterday afternoon to teach me how to use my silhouette cutter. I bought over a year ago and have played very little with it. My friends daughter designs cards and framed pictures using software to make a vector drawing, imports it to her machine software and then cuts from paper. It is a hobby job for her but much thought and work go into creating these works of art. 

We had a wonderful afternoon talking art, how to use the machine, aspirations and dreams. Part of our talk was making art, making money from art, the compromise of time put into art versus sale price, making art for art sake and what is art. It was totally exciting and inspiring to talk to someone who I used to teach Sunday school to as a peer. 

Long story but here is the point. I shared with her our art as a group and shots of our individual work, and I shared with her Vivian. I showed her some of the things we dyed last summer and my encaustic. She left feeling pumped by our work and Vivian's story. 

It hit me that part of the fun of this journey is sharing and discovery. A 25 year old came over as a favour to her moms friend. We interacted and shared our work. I did learn about how to use my machine but the best part was sharing our ideas and suggestions and leaving each other with an appreciation as peers. She even suggested another visit to work on stuff. That is pretty amazing....

I so have needed the encouragement of our group, the support of where we are at in our life journey's and in our art work.

How come the stereotypical betrayal of great artists is angst? Why can it not be the joyful, inspired happy spirited sharing person? 

So the challenge to myself is more of the "artists just wanna have fun" attitude. (think of Cyndi Laupers girls just wanna have fun ) And if it is not fun then why do it? 

So away with the would of's, should of's and could of's and on with the fun. Share what you know and rejoice in others success. Be a part of the Play Nice in the Sandbox Movement. "

So what do you think? Do you make art to make you happy? Do you make art to make money? Do you make art for ???? reason. Or is it a combo. Do you share what you know? or do you closely guard your process?

Karen has added a very interesting signature line to her emails starting with her name IE Karenofthe.... (add in a comment)

So I think I will adopt the light hearted intent and sign of as, 


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