Wednesday, 4 May 2016

winter trees

I took this photo a few weeks ago. I was a passenger in a car going about 30 kmh(which is often the case only most of the time the car is going faster). It was just after we had had a surprise- winter- is not -over- yet snowfall and I wanted to have one last try at capturing ice on the trees at Niagara Falls.

Today, I made a little framed fabric art of my picture.
I printed the picture on fabric transfer paper and ironed that onto the back of my backing fabric. Then I stitched the outlines through the backing, a piece of batting and my chosen fabric which was a grey cotton. Because I was stitching from the back, the bobbin thread was the top. Capishe??I hope you can understand.
Then I printed the pic again onto a white sheer organza that I had basted to a piece of printer paper.
I stapled the quilt sandwich to a small frame, and then loosely stapled the sheer over it but a little off.
I am going to explore this technique a little bit more and will take some pics as I go.
we weren't the only ones checking out the snow!!

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