Monday, 7 November 2016

Time to Reflect

Well I am finally winding down from a very busy two months of teaching and trunk shows!
I must say that I have enjoyed every minute of it.
I have had a few days off now and have had time to think about the future of my Fiber art career.
I am fortunate to have three commissions to fill my time in the next two months, but am seriously pondering my next adventure.  I recently saw a few of the pieces that are in World of Threads  and envied the size of some of the pieces!  This is were I want to go next!  I have done a few commission pieces that were quite large, but HUGE is where I need to explore!
Rather than making smaller things so that my trunk shows are constantly changing, I want to produce one very large piece this year for my personal pleasure. I will start by looking through my journals and drawings to see if something there that I have stored for future work will jump out at me. This usually works and I am always amazed when I go through my notes how I find something that is for RIGHT NOW!
My Fabrigos pals have also been re-thinking their future works.  We will soon get together and bombast each other with ideas (the best part of our group)!


  1. Al you are so right about we all seem to be reflecting where to in our work. When you are caught up in the busyness of life it is hard to figure out what direction to go in.
    Great to hear about what you are thinking.
    Can't wait to have our next outing. It will be wonderful to see what the group is up to but also to see the work that is out in Threadworks this year! A wonderful exhibition by the previews on the emails.

  2. Oh and here I am thinking that I need to go smaller!!!!