Thursday, 12 February 2015

Hi from Al

Hi everyone:  My name is Al Cote and I am a proud " Fabrigo"!  We have been together now for one fun and adventurous year.  We are very lucky that we have the same sense of humor.  Our work is all different in some ways and very much alike in other ways.
I have never blogged before so this is going to be another new adventure.
Karen, Robynne, Jo and I are constantly coming up with new challenges for each other.
I highly encourage everyone to find those two or three people who will fit in with yourself and start your own group.  Keep it small! We think it was karma that only three of us answered Jo's call for members.  Now we have decided to "close" the membership.
I am looking forward to the future adventures that we will have as well as watching everyone's progress on their own. None of us are very sedate!  Busy, busy, busy!
So this was my first introduction to our blog. I know it will not be the last.

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