Monday, 2 March 2015

Foil Applique

Foil Applique by Karen
My cousin gave me some strips of waste foil that she uses in her imprinting business Ribbonworks.
The foil is heat sensitive. She uses it to print ribbons.
I cut some little strips and ironed them onto a scrap of fabric. My first attempt was not successful. It seems that the iron was too hot and I held it too long. I turned down the temp on the iron and just quickly ran across the strip. That seems to work.

Then I got out the stencil that Jo and I made last week. I placed the stencil on the fabric and ironed the foil over top. Didn't work. the bond on the foil was not strong enough to make it stay on the fabric.-stuck to the stencil, though.
Back to the drawing board. I see potential but still needs some work.

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