Monday, 23 November 2015

Buying new things

 In June my husband switched our provider to Bell Fibe TV. I wasn't too keen on it because I like to watch WNED and I couldn't find it on their list - but it got switched anyway. It is more economical.

We had a few kinks that had to be fixed the first month but it has worked well since then and there are a few features  that I really like- plus my husband found WNED-even when the rep couldn't.

Yesterday, Robynne, Al and I were at a luncheon and we were talking about Fibe tv. Robynne has just had it installed in her house and she likes the wireless feature. I said that I really didn't think that we were wireless.

I checked when I got home and, no, we are not wireless. The reason for that is that our TV is not SMART. It is so old that the new technology is not available.

I don't know how old the TV is but neither my husband or I can even remember how old it is or even where or when we bought it. It still works well-we have had to replace the remote a few times but have never had any problems with it-so why would I buy a new one? Just to get a smarter one?

I really hate buying new things.

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