Friday, 20 November 2015

Hi  everyone.  I have not added to the blog  in a long time.  A lot has happened since my last blog.
I returned from the show in Italy and immediately prepared for my first annual Fiber Art retreat.
I was overwhelmed to find that I had 24 people sign up!  I was well prepared as far as the programme went.  We experimented with everything from thread painting, fabric dyeing, folding, a little rust dyeing and curved piecing.  They produced an amazing amount of work!  My wife Debbie cooked all the meals which was not an easy task, but enjoyed by all.  The house we rented was wonderful with lots of sleeping room but the work area was a bit tight, but we all managed.  On Saturday evening Fabrigos members Karen and Robynne  ( plus myself) came and presented a mini trunk show.  Unfortunately, Jo was relaxing at her cottage ( poor thing) but was there in spirit.  We talked a bit about our collaborative work and how we got together as a group.
The retreat was such a success that I am planning to run two in the spring and only having about twelve people at each one.
In September Debbie and I travelled by ship to Hawaii, Fiji, Samoa and Australia. It was an adventure!  We purchased a lot of fabrics including Tapa cloth from Fiji which I can not wait to experiment with.  We also purchased a lot of art.
I continue being busy with trunk shows and workshops and of course my fellow Fabrigos keep me grounded and prolific!
I have a showing of 13 pieces at the Grimsby Library until December 31.
Now I can catch up with customers quilts and get ready for the 2016 schedule!

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