Thursday, 10 March 2016

one more pear

I have always loved pears. I have painted many pictures of pears, made a couple of quilts with pears and now I have covered up one of my plastic pears from the dollar store with sari silk.
Here's a picture of my pears quilt.
 And here's a detail. I used several techniques in this quilt. The life sized pears are stencils from real pears. I just bought several pears, cut them in half and covered them with black paint and stencilled away. Just like what we did in grade school. The larger ones were painted onto glass and the fabric was printed from the glass plate.

and here's a picture of a deer quilt that has pears in it

and I put pears in my Laura Secord quilt. right at the top right hand corner.
and here is a picture of the plastic pear wrapped with sari silk.
I ran out of green when I was almost finished--didn't like the coloured wrap, unwrapped it and started with the bright and then covered it with the green.

Little bits of bright peek through. I like it.
Two down --15 ways to use sari silk to go.



  1. You are going to challenge us to find even more ways to use the silk.... I love the way you through yourself into a challenge!
    What a great idea about the fruit prints.... I am having some budding fibre artists next week over for March break... not sure what to do with them yet but printing might be a fun activity....

  2. Do you think it's because I can't seem to focus on anything, that I am so exhuberant about challenges. or is it because I have too much time on my hands. Oh maybe I just love challenges. I used to offer many challenges to the quilt club--but many of them went unanswered by many people. one friend told me that they were too hard--that she had to think about it too much--and couldn't always find a pattern that answered my challenge. I guess that's why I love the Fabrigos so much--they are always up for a good challenge.