Wednesday, 23 March 2016

working in a series

Hi everyone, Karen here.

I am one of those quilters who is ready to try anything-at least once. Keeping on track and following a plan is the hardest thing for me to do.

One of my fabrigo friends is really good at staying focused-I won't name her but just know that she is the minutes keeper and the one who sends the reminders and the one who likes order and planning. I do admire the way she works.

So in the spirit of getting myself pulled together and focused, I have dedicated this year of quilting to making a series of log cabin quilts. I love the log cabin. It's simple but elegant. It can be a little bit country or a little bit Rock and Roll. It can be very traditional or easily non traditional.
I made this log cabin quilt many years ago. It's not large. I use it as a little table topper sometimes-when I'm a little bit country.
And I made this one a few years ago. I used hand dyed fabrics and a random choice of logs. I do like the border fabric that I chose-and the binding.
I used log cabin blocks for a border. The blocks are hand dyed fabrics with black. This Quilt is called Coffee Time. It's in a private collection. (It's at my Daughter's house)

And now I am working on some new ones.
This one is going to be called--30 days of snow and more to come--or --weather prediction calling for snow  --or something like that.  It's all hand dyed fabric.

And this one is called Spring in the Forest.
Now I need to go back to my studio (the Basement) and do some more log cabin blocks. I have a few ideas !!!!
Thanks for stopping by!!


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