Friday, 15 April 2016

Meet Up

The fabrigos had another meeting yesterday. We met at my house with a little bit of a printing project in mind after a photoshoot in Niagara Falls.

The photoshoot got a little bit late in starting-and the afternoon printing projects didn't happen but we had a great time.
I am heading to Kingston next weekend for workshop with Lorraine Roy -artist extraordinaire--and tree hugger.
I am hoping to start a not so little project about the upper river and that's why I took my friends on this photo shoot. It was a beautiful sunny day and we had a great time.

We watched the birds.

We talked,
We got a lot of great pics,

                                                                  We channeled Vivian
This is not a machine gun. I think its Jo's tablet.
And we had a great day.

I cannot tell you what fun it is to be in this group. We laugh so much when we are all together. We support and nourish each other. We bring our gifts and willingly share them. I highly recommend that you, dear reader, find you own little group. Well maybe not find--but create. Two years ago, we did not even know each other in any more than a passing acquaintance and now we have all become such good friends.

thanks for stopping by

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