Sunday, 10 April 2016

Post Cards from the Edge

Hi all, Karen here.
One of my favourite little projects is making fabric postcards.

I have been making them for a couple of years. I sit down every once is a while and make up a dozen or so. Then I send them out to friends and family when something nice happens or I am thinking of them.

These are a few of my landscape postcards.
and these are some of the postcards that I made yesterday.

They are easy to make, take little time, and people who receive them are happy to get them.
I send one or two to my daughter who loves Alice in Wonderland. There are all kinds of messages from Alice that are easy to make.

 Yes, the post office delivers them. I never put my return address on them, but I hear quite frequently from someone who has received one. I just put one stamp on them.

One of my friends has framed one that I sent her recently.
For the next week, I will post instructions on how to make a landscape postcard. Have a look and if you send me a card that you made from my instructions, I will send you one back.

Thanks for stopping by.

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