Saturday, 23 January 2016

our road trip to the potters studio

Jo talked about our road trip to the pottery studio in her post. I, too, want to thank Lisa Skog for her generosity in opening her studio to us. She was very hospitable in showing us her work as well as her home.
Lisa's pottery is very inventive. She is not afraid to try anything from the looks of her work. She is a pretty savvy business woman as well. She created a lot--I mean a LOT-- of small easily sellable doodads for the Christmas market in order to make it possible for her to make larger more  artistic pieces .

I think that its very apparent that one of Lisa's philosophies of life is --Go for it!!! She has experimented with other crafts including stained glass but I think she has found her calling in pottery.
The aspect of the unknown is especially exciting. You really don't know what the piece is going to look like when you finish.

Her lovely home is also a work of art. Definitely not your cookie cutter decorating.  When you enter the home,  there is a feeling of serenity and safety. The colours are bold and the furnishings are beautiful pieces that came from Malaysia with lots of beautifully carved dark wood.
Thanks again Lisa and I can hardly wait to see our results.

One of the things that Jo mentioned is collaborating with artists of different mediums. I wholly agree with Jo's comments about how much we can learn from other artists. I hope that we might be able to do a little bit more with Lisa and any other artists that we meet along the way.

When I started making art quilts, I took several classes in painting and I am still doing that. I learned a lot about colour and composition from various teachers. These lessons have definitely influenced my fibre art. It's not easy to point at something in one of my pieces and say that I learned that in painting class but I do feel that other classes have influenced how I mix my fabrics and colours--and I am not afraid to mix bright colours--I just really feel that learning from other artists benefits my art work.

Thanks for stopping by!! What's your philosophy of life?

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