Thursday, 7 January 2016

So you call yourself an artist

Deer Crossings@ 2014

So I think now I can actually start calling myself an artist. I have the pile of rejection letters to prove it!!!

 In recent weeks I have received two very nice letters telling me that my work was not selected for their show.  They were very kind letters. They explained their difficult selection process and their visions for the show and encouraged me to keep working.

You know what---I will keep working.... not because I feel encouraged but because that's what I do. I can't not work! I need to join those pieces of fabric and watch the needle going up and down--almost as much as I need to inhale and exhale and feed my body and sleep at night.

So I am going to go into my studio (AKA the basement) and I am going to make some more art. Maybe I'll create something I will enter into a completion, maybe not!! But I will be working.
Thanks for listening, I feel better already!



  1. As you so aptly said we create for ourselves....
    We create because it makes us happy and brings us joy!