Friday, 15 January 2016

Snow Dying Results

I have finished the snow dyed fabric. It sat overnight until the snow melted and then I rinsed and rinsed until the water ran clear. It's always fun to watch the changes that it goes through when you rinse the fabric. The colours release at different times so the rinse water can be blue, then yellow and so on.

After they were rinsed I put them in the washer and washed and ironed, here are the results.

The piece that was already dyed with orange splotches looks better. One is bluish tint and the other is pink. The recent dye is not a real strong colour but it will work well in a landscape piece.
Its not very easy to see this but I got quite a large piece that is a softly mottled grey. Just exactly what I wanted for a new work that I am doing. There is not a lot of delineation of colour, which is what I was expecting , and really wanted--but it is good for my new work.
This is the unknown fibre that I had convince myself that it would take the dye well. WELL I was surprised--it did not take the dye very well at all. This piece has the most colour in it--but it is quite faintly blue.  Lesson learned.

Results were not as good as I wanted or expected in any of the pieces. I really like the mottling that a lot of the snow dyed pieces that I have seen. I did not achieve those results.
Why--I don't know. Did I not use enough dye? maybe and maybe I should have used more colours on each bin-next time.
Did I not elevated the fabric as well as I should have? Before I do it again I will purchase a colander  for exclusive use in my dyes. I think that the elevation method that I used did not keep the fabric away from the dyes well enough.
Next time I will not use synthetic fibres.
I think that I will buy some Rit dye and throw the unknown fibre into my pot and boil it away--I do like the finish in this unknown fibre. it has a quiet sheen that will work well with a lot of my work.

Successful??? not really but it did teach me a few things.
Will I keep trying?? oh yes.


  1. You put your snow day to better use than I... The dog and I spent time on support for my mac to get rid of my duplicate photos and install my lightroom program properly. Actually this took two days... not the helpers fault the machine had to go through all my files. Now things are working good.
    Bring the fabric Tuesday for us to see.

    1. OK I have a few things for show and tell. looking forward to it.