Monday, 11 April 2016


Gather material

I like to make several postcards on the same theme especially when I am doing landscapes. Just like all those famous quilters who work in series, I find that making several postcards at a time, makes each one stronger. The general rules are that each one must be strong in its own, but that together, they make each other stronger. I sell my cards in a gallery and sometimes buyers buy two or more to make a little group.
I select about five different fabrics from my stash. I cut off one or two strips of each one. No ruler, just my rotary cutter and each strip is about three inches wide. I just have a vague idea of colour and design so I just choose randomly. I do like solids and I like black for background. I like to use at least one or two prints, too.

 For the back of the postcard, (the part where you write your message) I use old photo that either didn't turn out or that I don't really want to keep. They are the right size for postcards. If you don't have a stash of photos, you can buy blanks at the local dollar store. I have a few boxes full and my friends save some misprints for me--that way they know they will get a card in the mail!
 I use a non woven interfacing for the base of my card. It can be just paper, or purchased non woven or even an old sheet. I also use up those little pieces of batting cut off from the edges of my big quilts. No trash in my house, I try to recycle everything.  I cut the base slightly larger than 4 x 6.

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  1. Next... Now you have to show some in progress!