Tuesday, 26 January 2016

How did she do it????

We have been exploring the work of Vivian Maier recently and have a little challenge going about doing self portraits in the manner that she did them, usually holding her camera at her waist and capturing a reflection of herself.

I took my digital camera into my bedroom and tried to do a pose similar to what she had done with her SLR camera.

Too low

Too high

better angle, too bright

too much flash

way too much light
I tried to turn off the flash but the camera refused to take a shot. OK got that!!
getting closer
tried it with no flash

This is going to be a real exciting learning experience.
To think that Vivian used a film camera to get those shots is boggling. She would have to shoot a roll, get it developed before she even knew if she had the correct focus.  I can take a lot of shots and choose instantly which ones I want to keep.

I have taken a few photography classes-mostly with my old SLR camera. these included developing my own prints in the darkroom. I was quite reluctant to buy a digital camera but finally gave in and bought a Nikon. The photography teacher at Niagara College used to say "Make every print count." Now I still try to make every one count but I have the luxury of deleting the prints that I don't like and only keeping the good shots.

I am looking forward to seeing what Al does with this challenge.


  1. Look in your camera manual for the museum manner setting. . This setting is meant to take pictures where flashes are not allowed. It should be in your settings where you can do a portrait setting' ,action,snow , landscape etc. most point and shoots have it.


  2. yes I got it!! Are you going to participate in this challenge, Jo?? don't have to do it everyday, just take a few shots of yourself and post them here. Did you look at Vivian's work, it Is incredible.

  3. Pondering the challenge....
    Loved her photography!